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Upgrade your weak plastic B58 oil filter housing cap

The Burger Motorsports billet aluminum B58 oil filter cover directly replaces your weak OE plastic cap for greater protection, ease of removal/install, and great looks under the hood. You can use a 3/8" inch drive ratchet or torque wrench to install and remove. The built-in 32mm hex head does not require a special removal/install tool like the factory cap. Uses the OE oil filter, filter housing o-ring, and filter insert. Anodized for protection. This quality part is a must for any serious BMW owner.

🔧 After removing the OEM oil filter cap, remove the filter and be sure to remove the plastic oil filter bypass valve and transfer it to the new BMS billet oil filter cap. Be sure to replace the exterior o-ring gasket also when installing.

BMS Billet Oil Filter Cap for B58 BMW & Toyota Engines


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