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Front splitters are very effective at producing front-end downforce without increasing drag significantly. They do this by creating a large pressure delta between the top and bottom surfaces. Utilizing scan data directly from the car and CFD, we were able to produce a splitter that pairs well with our UCW rear wing and can easily handle the loads seen by the splitter. The splitter mounts to multiple chassis locations for a strong and durable mounting style. All hardware locations are recessed for improved aerodynamic performance.


The splitter is produced from a carbon polyweave, which is the same material used in high forms of Motorsports. The material is not brittle, so no more issues with cracking like carbon fiber and ABS. It will not grab and bend under the car like aluminum units either. The material is also lightweight and stiff; which makes it a great splitter material.

The air dam is used to bring the splitter flat with the vehicle's underbody and improve performance further. The air dam is produced from sheet aluminum and then powder coated black for durability.



  • Two-Piece Carbon Polyweave Splitter Blade

  • Two-Piece Aluminum Front Air Dam

  • Sheet Aluminum/Steel Chassis Bracket (10 Pieces)

  • Rubber Splitter Edge Seal

  • Hardware Kit Including All Necessary Bolts/Nuts/Washers



Greatly Increases Front End Downforce

Produces High Downforce for Large Rear Wings

Capable of Handling 300+ Lbs

Constructed From Carbon Polyweave, Which Offers Strength, Low Weight, Durability, and a Great Appearance

Same Material Used in Various Forms of Racing, Including Indy Car, NASCAR, and F1

Integrated Air Dam that Follows The Front Bumper Lines Well



Front Splitter is Manufactured From Carbon Polyweave, Offering Superior Strength, Weight, Durability, and Appearance to Many Other Options

Will Not Grab and Bend Surfaces Like Aluminum Units

Will Not Crack and Break Like Carbon and ABS Units

Abrasive Resistant While Stiff

5052 Aluminum Air Dam

CNC Cut and Bent Brackets

Stainless Hardware Throughout



Front splitters, when designed properly, greatly increase front-end grip. Utilizing state-of-the-art analysis software, we were able to extract more performance from the front splitter and air dam combo through an iterative design process. We were also able to properly size the front splitter and dive planes to counteract the rear wing and diffuser; creating a safe and effective aero balance for owners. This is important as an unbalanced car is more difficult to drive at the limit.

The front splitter is part of our Ventus 2 & 3 Aerodynamics Packages for the Mk5 Toyota Supra. The Ventus 2 & 3 kits boost downforce significantly from the factory vehicle. The goal was to create a package that dramatically improved the aerodynamic performance from a factory Mk5 Supra in a safe and balanced package for the typical track/HPDE enthusiast. Another goal was to retain street-ability from the aerodynamic components; with reasonable front splitter stick out and rear wing widths.

Verus Engineering Front Splitter Kit - Mk5 Toyota Supra

$1,599.95 Regular Price
$1,519.96Sale Price