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AP Racing Radi-Cal CP9668 Brake Kit Review

Hey everyone,

My name is Justin Lazarus. I am the owner and driver of East Coast Supra.

I'd like to talk to you today about AP Racings 9668/372mm and CP 9450/365mm Radi-Cal brake set.

I spent some time talking with industrial professionals about the best stopping power available for the 2020 Supra. I wanted to upgrade the Supra's braking performance while also looking at weight savings. After viewing and experiencing AP's brakes on the track, I knew that's the direction I wanted to go.

I got in touch with Jeff Ritter, who manages the high-performance division at Essex. We were able to discuss what exactly I was looking to get out of my brakes. We inevitably selected the competition calipers paired with Ferodo DS3.12 pads. Jeff was able to get everything together for me right in time for TX2K Drag and Roll Race Nationals. Install was straight forward and took only a few hours to make sure everything was perfect. We got everything buttoned up and shipped the car down to Texas.

The brakes performed well above expectations. Pass after pass no fade or excessive wear. I was amazed at the pedal feel and firmness. No matter what speed I engage the brakes, there's always a firm planted feeling and consistent stopping power. Although I wasn't able to utilize the brakes to their fullest potential on a drag strip, I was still able to feel the immediate difference between OEM and AP's calipers.

What makes these calipers special are their racing lineage. They are direct descendants from top F1 and Sprint Cup calipers. To put it simply, they are the lightest, stiffest, and most technologically advanced brake calipers available to the public. Another considerable advantage is the unsprung weight savings, a staggering 45 pounds! Every component of the calipers and disks even down to the mounting hardware uses specialty materials designed to handle the high heat and stress brake parts endure. Overall the Radical Pro 5000R are over-engineered and perform flawlessly because of it. They will take whatever you throw at them over and over again. With just essential maintenance and changing consumables, these calipers will last the lifetime of any vehicle. It took years of testing and design; the result is some of the finest racing parts available today.

Under heavy use, the Ferodo DS3.12 pad flourish. The DS3.12's are a high-output, heavy-duty circuit compound. They have been developed in testing within top-level GT racing and is suitable for more extensive and heavier non-formula cars on the track. Here is a quote I pulled from Jeff online talking about why these brakes are so excellent, from cold bite to piping hot.

"If we look at the new DS3.12 plot, we see that it has higher mu across the board from stone cold to searing hot vs. any prior Ferodo compound. That means the DS3.12 is always going to feel as if it requires less pedal effort, regardless of whether you're on your morning commute or driving a session at Road America. With the DS3.12, you won't have to press the pedal as hard to slow the car."

When brake pads are paired with J-Hook rotors, they are always being cut. This ensures a fresh surface with every push of the pedal. You'll always have an adequate bite on a clean surface, no matter the operating temperature.

I would highly recommend this kit to anyone looking for the best of the best for their Supra. If you are looking for optimum stopping power paired with substantial weight savings, then AP Radi-Cal brakes are the best suitable option under both accords. Not to mention they look beautiful as well! You really can't get better functional weight savings in any other form for a better price, and that's just one of the benefits.

I can't wait to continue utilizing this set up on the many tracks located throughout the North East and will continue to update this thread with all of my adventures!

If you have any questions regarding this set up for your Supra, please contact me at any time.

Thanks again, and I hope everyone is doing well. We will be back to racing soon enough.

See you on the track,

Justin Lazarus

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