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What’s included:

Walbro 525

Visconti Fuel Pump Bracket

Visconti Fuel Pump 3/8 Quick Connect Fitting

Visconti Replacement IN-TANK Fuel Line

Visconti Sealed Wire-Pass-Thru

Holley Fuel Mat

NJ Style Zip Tie

What advantages does this kit have over other solutions:

Keeps second fuel pump in the gas tank

Doesn't require extra fuel lines in the engine bay

Works with low fuel levels


Our STG1 Fuel System upgrade for the B58 Toyota Supra is the ultimate upgrade for those trying to make big power. If your looking to run an upgraded turbo and run higher than E30, this upgrade is for you.

During extensive testing it was found that the factory low pressure fuel pump would experience pressure drop above 550WHP causing cars with port injection to have fueling issues. The problem only got worse with higher blends of ethanol. Tuners would compensate the injector open time to account for lack of fuel volume but this causes problems and makes it impossible to have true Flex Fuel.

Visconti A90 / A91 STG1 Fuel System Upgrade

$0.00 Regular Price
$1,230.25Sale Price


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