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Looking to make your A90/91 Supra faster in the 1/4 mile or 1/2 mile racing? Want to run 17″, or 15″ wheels with a very minor suspension modification? Want to drop 43lbs of unsprung weight off the Rear of the car at the same time? Do not want to break the bank while doing so? Look no further than the VTT “GC” Rear Drag kit for the A90/91 Toyota Supra. This kit will allow you to run the wheel/tire combo you need to drop your ET’s all while putting the car on a significant diet over the stock rear brake set up.


Fits all 2020+ Supra, and some G-Series BMW. We have confirmed fitment on M340i

A90/91 Supra / G – Series BMW “GC” Rear Drag Brake Kit

PriceFrom $1,219.99
Caliper Color

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