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The BMW G8X Clubsport has 10 push buttons and 1 Rotary switch with push function, and one 4 axis joystick. It has all factory steering wheel functions integrated in a unique design. The complete kit comes with hub, electronics and steering wheel itself. If needed, you can add a crash-hub or Quick release with integrated connector (completely removable). You can choose your wheel finish (suede, alcantara or leather). Custom details such as 12 ‘o clock marker and stitching color can be supplied on request (+€50).

Button configuration


Push buttonsRight rotary switch:
SW1: Volume –CW: Scroll up
SW2: Volume +CCW: Scroll down
SW3: Phone/Microphone   Push: Scroll press
SW4: Source 
SW5: M2Left rotary joystick:
SW6: M1Up: Speed +10
SW7: ModeDown: Speed -10
SW8: ResetRight: Distance +
SW9: AssistLeft: Distance –
SW10: CruiseCW: Speed +1
 CCW: Speed -1
 Push: Set


Besides the standard CLUBSPORT model, the CLUBSPORT Nürburgring edition is available. This is also a fixed layout, but with the most important racing controls. Our PRO-Line will give you the opportunity to customize the CLUBSPORT model to your needs.


The essence of the CLUBSPORT line is a compromise between street and motorsport. All factory wheel functions are available at the CLUBSPORT wheel. Specially developed push buttons with illumination and laser-etched symbols results in an elegant steering wheel with a motorsport feeling. The well-known high-tactile magnetic paddles are used on the CLUBSPORT line as well. It’s a straight-forward, easy DIY installation, without any error codes to be solved. To be cost-effective, we offer the kit without a quick release. Optional, a Crash-hub (TÜV regulations) or Quick Release with an integrated Deutsch Autosport connector can be used.

– Fixed layout for each specific car model
– Illuminated push buttons (dim on interior light)
– Laser-etched buttons, no stickers
– All factory wheel functions on your racing wheel
– Plug and play, no wiring needed.
– Option for crash-hub or Quick release with connector

BMW GXX – Clubsport

PriceFrom $1,999.99


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