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Turbo kit includes:

1.) Turbo

2.) Wastegates TS 40mm

3.) Blow off Valve [Ts Gen V]

4.) Coupler [3″] OR [2.5-3″]

5.) Hose clamps [(2)X3″] OR [(1)X2.5″/(1) X3″]

6.) Manifold True Twin Scroll T4 Divided Dual Wastegate

7.) 3.5″ Down Pipe

8.) Dump Tubes (X2)

9.) Intercooler Piping with 3 Weld Fittings/ 1 BOV Flange

10.) 3″ Pro Clamp Full Assembly

11.) Vband Clamp for Down Pipe

12.) Turbo Studs & Turbo Gasket (Trimed Studs)

13.) 10AN Nylon Braid Hose (X2 Feet)

14.) 10AN Hose end Fitting 1 X 45Degree

15.) 10 AN Hose end fitting 1 X 90 degree

16.) Stainless Braid Oil feed Line 2 Feet Vibrant

17.) Silicon Vacuum Hose (X 4 Feet)

18.) Heat Shield with M8x16mm (X2)

19.) 4AN to 4AN 90 Degree Oil Feed Fitting

20.) Oil Return Block Fitting 10AN (use factory bolt and O-ring)

21.) Oil Feed Block Fitting 4AN (use factory bolt and O-ring)

22.) Coolant Block Off Front (use factory bolt and O-ring)

23.) Coolant Block Off Back

24.) Turbo Oil Drain Fitting / with Bolts (qty.2)

25.) M6x12mm Bolts for Intercooler Piping (X3) one for map

26.) Heat Tape (20 Inches)

27.) Vacuum T Fittings (X1)

28.) Stickers and Licenses Plate Frame

29.) 1/8″ NPT Plugs (x2)

Optional Heat Protection Package

A.) Torque solutions heat blanket

B.) Turbo drain and feed line heat sleeve

C.) Vacuum line heat sleeve

KLM A90 Supra 2-Port Turbo Kit

PriceFrom $5,013.00

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