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The above product and price indication is for a 6SW with shift paddles and quick release. 

Our PRO-Line has its main focus on motorsport. The available designs, the components that are used, and the available functions are all chosen and designed with motorsport in mind. The options are endless, and the perfect steering wheel setup can be tailored to your needs. It will literally give you all the necessary race controls at your fingertips.

The KMP Original is available in four different layouts. A 4 button, 6 button, 10 button and 8 button + 2 Rotary encoders with push button. The “KMP Original” buttons are usually used in aviation and military. These high quality buttons have a high actuation force (17N) a convenient travel.

For the BMW G8X, we have an extensive list of features available. High-beam flasher, turn indicators, start/stop, CAN-Bus output and many more. All features will integrate seamlessly into the factory electronics. Minor wiring needs to be done, depending on the function. All will be supplied with mating connectors and instructions.

– Advanced race controls

– Shift lights

– Speed limit control

– Button feature

– Customizable options

– Available function list (50+)

– Fill-in sheet

Only pay for the options you need

To reduce unnecessary costs, we have created an option list with additional costs for features or functions.

4 Button€1325
6 Button€1425
10 Button€1625
8+2R Button€1625
Advanced race controls€250
Speed limit function€150
Shift light€250
CAN Output€200
Crash hub€140
Quick release€250
Quick release with connector€350
Custom centercap€45
Custom wheel finish€50

KMP BMW G8X – Original [PRO-LINE]

$1,999.99 Regular Price
$1,900.00Sale Price


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