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These NGK 94201 Laser Iridium replacement plugs are specifically designed for the BMW B48/B58 engine. Suggested for all factory and tuned applications including those running E85, WMI, and/or larger upgraded turbochargers. We suggest setting the gap down to 0.022" using a BMS gapping tool.

Beware of counterfeit NGK plugs being sold for $5-10 each on eBay and Amazon. They do not offer the same performance, lifespan, and knock resistance. NGK plugs from ECS are guaranteed authentic.

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Features & Benefits

Often specified as original equipment, NGK 94201 Laser Iridium spark plugs are the best combination of performance and longevity.

Fine wire Iridium center electrode

Platinum pad at ground electrode for even wear in DIS ignition systems

Engineered for specific vehicle applications

Iridium tip is six (6) times harder than platinum

Product Details

Part Number: 94201

Drive Size: 14mm Double Hex

Gap - Factory Preset: 0.030", we suggest closing gap to .022" for tuned applications.



(1) BMS 14MM BMW Thin-Walled Spark Plug Socket Tool

(6) NGK 94201 Spark Plug for BMW B48/B58 engines

(1) 12mm BMS Billet Spark Plug Gapper Tool

(1) Specialty Spark Plug Feeler Gauge


BMS Magnetic Spark Plug Socket Features & Benefits

OEM quality perfect fit thin wall socket

Strong magnetic hold never deteriorates or weakens

Fits a standard 3/8 drive socket wrench

High quality at a super low price

Designed and manufactured for your BMW by Burger Motorsports, Inc.

Excellent addition to your toolbox

Spark Plug Socket Applications

2006+ Turbo BMW Spark Plug Socket Tool

Spark Plug Socket Specs

12 point, 14mm

Thin-walled deep specialty socket

Strong magnetic hold

3/8" drive

BMS Billet Spark Plug Gapper Tool

This precision tool is critical to properly and accurately gapping spark plugs. With this tool, you will be able to gap plugs faster and maintain accuracy. Available in 14mm and 12mm plug thread sizes. Made in the USA.

NGK 94201 Spark Plug For B58 Engines

PriceFrom $90.00


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