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The TMS ReFlex™ Harness Kit is a plug and play harness for the ReFlex Plus™ controller, improving reliability and reducing loose connections and lengthy troubleshooting. No splicing or permanent modifications to your car are required, and it can be completely returned to stock if desired. It connects seamlessly with the ReFlex Plus™, ReFlex™ low pressure fuel sensor, and TMS Flex Fuel Kit.

The TMS ReFlex™ Harness Kit was designed for direct connection to the ReFlex™ controller. The CAN bus wire was designed to meet the SAE J2284 Communication Standard for High-Speed CAN (HSC) and CAN FD applications, ensuring there is no loss or corruption of data in critical systems. All other wires were designed to meet the SAE J1128 Low Voltage Primary Cable Standard, suitable for sensors, power, and engine bay environments.

This kit works with tunes by EcuTek™, Bootmod3™, and MHD™. This harness has been tested on many of the cars listed below, but your particular model may be different.

What’s included in the TMS ReFlex™ Kit?

Harness This plug and play harness connects to all of the following: port injection, ethanol sensor, low pressure fuel sensor, MAP, intake CAM, and crank sensor.

CAN + power splitter The CAN + power splitter connects the harness to the body domain controller in the passenger footwell behind the kick-plate.

Charge pipe extension cable

The charge pipe extension cable connects into the charge pipe MAP sensor to read higher boost pressures for those tuning with Bootmod3 or MHD on B58 Gen 1 and Gen 2 platforms. It does not fit the S58 G8X chassis; if tuning with Bootmod3 or MHD on the G8X Chassis (S58 engine), we recommend changing the TMAP sensor to a higher pressure 4 Bar sensor rather than trying to extend to the charge pipe.

Auxiliary cable pack

Four additional cables are included to simplify future expansions such as additional sensors, methanol, or NOS. These 8 ft cables plug directly into the unused ReFlex™ Harness auxiliary ports Aux Out 1/2/3 and Aux in 4 (PSI).

ReFlex Plus™ mounting brackets

The mounting bracket holds the ReFlex™ safely in place in the access compartment next to the engine bay on the passenger side. One of the following will be included, depending on the platform:

• Supra™/BMW™ G8X ReFlex™ mounting bracket

• BMW™ B58 Gen1 ReFlex™ mounting bracket

• BMW™ B58 Gen2 ReFlex™ mounting bracket

Available with or without ReFlex Plus™ and Motiv™ 0-10 Bar Pressure Sensor

Tensility Motorsports TMS ReFlex™ Harness BMW™ B58 Gen 2

PriceFrom $699.00

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