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The Verus Engineering Turbo Heat Shield for the A90 Supra is perfect for keeping heat around the turbo area and freeing up engine bay space. If running an aftermarket intake; it is a great addition to reduce heat soak as well. Removing the factory resonator and heat shields greatly improve engine bay aesthetics and available room.

The heatshield is produced from 2.0mm thick stainless steel sheet metal which is CNC laser cut, CNC bent, and then finished in high-temp Cerakote. The heat shield was designed off scan data obtained internally for an OE like fit.

Utilizing our unit, you can expect a better-looking engine bay, better thermal properties, and less heat soak.



  • Cerakote Coated Stainless Heat Shield Main Cover

  • Cerakote Coated Stainless Heat Shield Side Cover

  • Hardware Kit, Includes All Hardware Necessary for Install



Excellent Coverage of Turbine-Fold Area

Improved Engine Bay Aesthetics

Thick 2.0mm Stainless Construction

Improved Heat Rejection Characteristics

Simple Bolt-On Install




2.0mm Thick 304 Stainless Sheet

CNC Laser Cut

CNC Press Break Formed

Cerakote High-Temp Coated

Stainless Hardware



Verus Engineering Turbo Heat Shield Kit Mk5 Toyota Supra

PriceFrom $169.95

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