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Why overpay for an MK5 Supra CV Driveshaft? VTT Is proud to offer our Carbon Fiber Driveshaft for the A90/91 Supra made exclusively for us by PST one of the leading names n CF driveshaft technology! This driveshaft is made from 3.25″ CF tubing Spicer 1350 Yolks, and U-Joints. All pieces are then bonded using PST’s proprietary process, and balanced to within 1/8 In/Ounce. We couple the driveshaft with VTT Custom 7075 aluminum adapters, 4340 Rear end Adapter all which convert the 3-bolt BMW bolt pattern to the 4-bolt Spicer yolk pattern and one heavy-duty CV Joint. This driveshaft is rated at 3000 ft/lbs of Tq, and more than 10,000RPM.

Made in the U.S.A

Each Shaft includes the following

1 VTT/PST CF Driveshaft

1 VTT 4340 Rear End Adapter

1 VTT Billet Adapter Tool

1 BMW Nut Repair kit

1 Rear 7057 Aluminum adapter

1 Front 7075 Aluminum adapter

6 M8 Rear CV joint bolts

4 M3 Front UJoing Bolts

3 M10 Rear flange bolts

3 M10 front flange bolts, and nuts

1 Small tube of Loc-tite medium thread locker

Almost the same weight as the factory shaft while being many times stronger 15.2Lbs stock to 16 lbs VTT CF

VTT A90/91 Supra Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

$1,899.00 Regular Price
$1,804.05Sale Price


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