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Consistent track use calls for the quick and easy changing of wheels, something that the OE wheel bolts on most BMWs do not lend themselves well to. However, with Wheel Mate's Titanium Wheel Stud Conversion Kit, the task of swapping out wheels becomes a simple task. Made of titanium and with a raw finish, these wheel studs provide a purpose-built look that won't rust like steel studs. Each Wheel Mate Titanium Wheel Stud Conversion Kit comes with twenty M14x1.25 to M14x1.5 conversion studs, with the required 60-degree conical seat lug nuts included.

Wheel Mate, an in-house brand of Mackin Industries, is an industry leader in wheel accessories. From its renowned and stylish Muteki line of lug nuts, spacers, and hub rings, to its Mevius line of lug bolts and stud conversions, and even into leveling kits with its X-Pro line, Wheel Mate has options for all enthusiasts.

Wheel Mate Titanium Wheel Stud Conversion (Raw Ti) - M14x1.25 to M14x1.5 - 74mm

$599.00 Regular Price
$569.05Sale Price


  • Raw titanium construction

    74mm stud length

    M14x1.25 to M14x1.5

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